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February 25th, 2010

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01:05 am - Heavy Rain
For those of you playing Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain, I promise you that there will be NO SPOILERS in this thread without a warning.

That being said, I have just finished this wonderful game.

My question to the community is this: Which decision in the game made you work the hardest, morally, to choose?

I have to say that Ethan's Fifth Trial (Willing to Die) was the most bearing on me, mainly because I have been in a situation like that in real life. Once the recording told me what to do, I promptly picked up the bottle and then stopped. I dropped my controller and literally walked away from the game for an hour.

How... How could a game make me make a choice like that? To choose to give your life for your son, just for information on his location? I went outside and shook my head, unable, personally, to make that decision.

My ultimate choice, after an hour of walking back and forth, was to put the bottle down and walk away. Luckily, I had collected enough information from the previous Trials that I found the location of my son.

My first playthrough, I put it on the hardest difficulty and made the executive decision NOT to replay any scenes to get a better ending. I let the story take its course.

For the first time through, I played it perfectly... Not a single main character died, and I got the best ending.

The other question presented is: When you go through your second playthrough, what decisions will you make differently from your previous play?

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